Mystery NH Escape Rooms - North Conway

An escape room experience.

Visit us in the Mountain Valley Mall, next to Cinema 7.


Mystery NH is a fun and exciting, immersive, real-life escape room experience, located in the heart of beautiful Mount Washington Valley.

With the clock running, you and your team must find clues, solve puzzles and open locks in order to escape the room. The only tool you will need is your brain.

This is a great activity for family, friends, co-workers, birthdays, anniversaries, team-building... Will you accept this entertaining challenge? Explore your inner detective at Mystery NH!

Each of our escape room experiences differs in theme, puzzles and challenges. Play one, play all!

Our themed rooms are retired and re-imagined every nine months or so.


"If I could give it more stars... I can not rave enough about this place. Great experience for any group of people! The staff is outstanding, professional and helpful."

- Cheryl M.

"I wanted to finish, yet I didn't want it end!"

- Micheal L.

"Wicked awesome! Loads of fun! Highly recommended."

- RhodieRoamer

"The whole family loved it, ages 14 to 93!"

- ZoZaMom

Couple Questions

As more and more people familiarize themselves with the concept of Escape Rooms, we are asked a lot of questions. Here are two we get...

Q: What's your success rate?
A: It depends.
Escaping a room depends on the composition of your group... number of players, level of problem-solving and observational skills, brain power, number of hints, etc... so since all this criteria changes with each game, an across-the-board success rate can't fairly be calculated.

Q: Which room is harder?
A: It depends.
Level of difficulty depends on how your group works together compared to the individual players' skills. Each room is designed to offer a challenging experience for groups of 2 to 8 players. How hard you find it depends on how you and your group approaches it. Regardless, both of our rooms are fun and entertaining.

Exercise your brain with Mystery NH!