Mystery NH Escape Rooms - North Conway

An escape room experience.

Visit us in the Mountain Valley Mall, next to Cinema 7.


Mystery NH is a fun and exciting, immersive, real-life escape room experience, located in the heart of beautiful Mount Washington Valley. 

With 60 minutes on the clock, you and your team must find clues, open locks, solve puzzles and decrypt messages in order to unravel the mystery and "escape" the room. The only tool you will need is your brain.

This is a great activity for family, friends, co-workers, birthdays, anniversaries, team-building... Will you accept this entertaining challenge? Explore your inner detective at Mystery NH!



Wandering Wizard

One foggy night, as you wander through the woods, a village magically appears from the mist. You venture closer and discover the village itself is full of magic. You have 60 minutes to explore the magical village before it disappears back into the mist, with you in it.

Appropriate for ages 8 and up.


Alice's Dream

Curiouser and curiouser... Alice has once again drifted off into her dream world, where time is short, cats speak in riddles and playing cards, well, play. Since the Cheshire Cat was involved in designing this room, expect a large dose of whimsy and trickery to greet you. Are you up for taking a short trip into Alice's Dream?

Inspired by the classic novels, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. Not just for kids.

Appropriate for ages 8 and up.

The Hurricane

A short ocean cruise has turned into a fight for your lives!  A newly formed hurricane has blown your boat off course and crashing onto shore.  You have survived, but although your group is now in the calm eye of the hurricane, you're not out of danger yet.  There is less than 60 minutes to find shelter before the intense eyewall of the hurricane arrives and wreaks devastating havoc.

Appropriate for ages 8 and up.


"I wanted to finish, yet I didn't want it end!"

Micheal L., Methuen, MA

"The highlight of our trip!"

Adelaide, Australia

"Looking for something to do and have an hour? This is perfect!"

Jacob, Sanford, ME

"If you like puzzles and games, this is great to do with a group of friends or family."

Amanda W.