Mystery NH Escape Rooms - North Conway

An escape room experience.

Visit us in the Mountain Valley Mall, next to Cinema 7.


Mystery NH is a fun and exciting, immersive, real-life escape room experience, located in the heart of beautiful Mount Washington Valley. 

With 60 minutes on the clock, you and your team must find clues, solve puzzles and open locks in order to escape the room. The only tool you will need is your brain.

This is a great activity for family, friends, co-workers, birthdays, anniversaries, team-building... Will you accept this entertaining challenge? Explore your inner detective at Mystery NH!


The Hurricane

A short ocean cruise has turned into a fight for your lives!  A newly formed hurricane has blown your boat off course and crashing onto shore.  You have survived, but although your group is now in the calm eye of the hurricane, you're not out of danger yet.  There is less than 60 minutes to find shelter before the intense eyewall of the hurricane arrives and wreaks devastating havoc.

Appropriate for ages 8 and up. Designed for 2-6 players.

Wandering Wizard

One foggy night, as you wander through the woods, a village magically appears from the mist. You venture closer and discover the village itself is full of magic. You have 60 minutes to explore the magical village before it disappears back into the mist, with you in it.

Appropriate for ages 8 and up. Designed for 2-8 players.



"If I could give it more stars... I can not rave enough about this place. Great experience for any group of people! The staff is outstanding, professional and helpful."

- Cheryl M.


"I wanted to finish, yet I didn't want it end!"

- Micheal L.


"Wicked awesome! Loads of fun! Highly recommended."

- RhodieRoamer


"The whole family loved it, ages 14 to 93!"

- ZoZaMom


July 2, 2015 - Keith Force launched the idea of starting an escape room in the Mount Washington Valley.  

Beth Scrimger, a long-time friend, was up for the challenge and a partnership was born.

The sight of a moose in the gift shop on top of Mt Washington inspired our logo, "Myst".

"Mystery at The Met" was our first room. The Met owners, Larry and Diane, graciously hosted us in their upstairs conference room for August and September. The concept of escape rooms was very new to many Valley residents and visitors, and The Met's central location allowed us to open folks up to a new form of entertainment.

Our first location.

Settlers Green was our next home from October through January 2106, where we created rooms 2 and 3, "Agent X" and "Escape the Zombies". Both rooms were great successes and we thank Dot Seybold for allowing us the opportunity to expand our business while looking for our permanent home.

Settlers Green

Settlers Green

Also in January 2016, we signed our lease for our new home at the Mt Valley Mall. After an exciting five-week construction phase, we were able to transform a completely empty box into a wonderfully, creative space with the capacity for three+ escape rooms. 

Our permanant home.

Our permanant home.

Early in 2017, Beth took over the business full time, allowing Keith to pursue other interests. 

Thank you to all our players, our staff, our friends, our new neighbors at Cinema 7 and Lowe's and especially our families! The game is definitely afoot now!


Escape games originated from point-and-click adventure computer games in the 1980s where players must escape from a virtual environment, by solving puzzles, looking for clues and maneuvering through obstacles.

The games' popularity increased with the release of a game by Toshimitsu Takagi called 'Crimson Room'. Today, escape games are often identified in the Takagism genre - a credit to Takagi.

Takao Kato of Japan is first credited with bringing the online video games to a real-life venue.  In 2007, Real Escape Game started the phenomenon that subsequently swept through China, Indonesia, Taiwan and Singapore in the following years. In 2012, the escape rooms industry began in Europe and the United States.

Mystery NH brings the real-life escape room experience to the Mount Washington Valley, so players can exercise their brains, test their powers of observation and challenge their critical thinking skills.

Exercise your brain with Mystery NH!